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masteron cycle

Pharmacological action masteron cycle – local anesthetic used in ophthalmology. The action usually occurs after 20-30 seconds after instillation and lasts for 15 minutes or longer.
masteron cycle inhibits cell membrane permeability to sodium ions, which prevents the generation of impulses in the nerve endings and the conduction of impulses along nerve fibers. Pharmacokinetics When applied topically, systemic absorption is low.

Local anesthesia in ophthalmology for short-term diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that require quick and short-term anesthesia cataract surgery, suture removal of the cornea or conjunctiva; tonometry, Gonioscopy; removal of foreign bodies from the cornea; conjunctival scraping for diagnostic purposes.

Individual hypersensitivity to the drug.

Use with caution in patients with allergic reactions, heart disease and gipetireoidizmom.

Application of pregnancy and lactation
have sufficient experience of use of the drug during pregnancy, breastfeeding and have no children. Perhaps the use of the drug in children, during pregnancy and lactation to destination the attending physician, if the expected therapeutic effect is greater than the risk of possible side effects.

Dosing and Administration
Locally. When performing tonometry and other short duration procedures instilled 1-2 drops, immediately before the procedure. For small surgical procedures (removal of foreign body or suture removal) instilled drops every 1-2 minutes 5-10 (1-3 doses).
If necessary, prolonged anesthesia (in cataract extraction) – 5-10 drops every 1-2 minutes ( 3-5 doses). After the surgical procedure is necessary to cover the bandage the eyes because ‘blink’ reflex temporarily eliminated.

Side effects are
usually well tolerated. You may experience itching, burning and redness of the conjunctiva; . lacrimation or rapid blinking
rare and usually immediately after instillation may experience severe allergic reactions such as epithelial keratitis; corneal erosion, filamentary infiltrates the cornea, iritis. Prolonged use may more slow healing of wounds. It should be borne in mind the possibility of long-term use of systemic toxicity (which is shown by stimulation of the central nervous system, with subsequent inhibition), although the use of the drug as a topical anesthetic in such a reaction it is rarely possible.

Data on overdose of the drug available.

Interaction with other drugs
Data on drug interactions are absent.

Specific guidance
is important for the entire period of anesthesia to protect the eye from being hit by irritating chemicals, foreign bodies, and do not rub the eye. Patients should be warned that they do not touch your eyes, until after the effect of the anesthetic. The vial must be closed after each use. Do not touch the pipette tip to the eye.

Product form
solution (ocular drops) in «Droptainer flakonah- » LDPE 15 ml. 1 bottle with instruction on the medical application in a carton box.

Shelf life of
30 months. After opening the vial the drug should be used within 4 weeks.
Do not use after the expiration date printed on the package. anabolic steroids online shop

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